Posted: Thursday, February 18th, 2021

Hello Inistioge,

My name is David Kelly and I am currently co-ordinating a Free Level 4 General Learning KCETB course called Career Path. This course is taking place in Kilkenny city and is designed for individuals that have additional support needs. We work with students with any learning disabilities, physical or intellectual disabilities, mental health issues as well as students that may require some extra assistance and time completing a course. The aim of our course is to prepare students for employment and/or further education, by providing relevant modules to help develop essential skills in these areas.

This is a specialised learning programme with a small class size. There are 8 modules in total that are all taught by two tutors. The course runs for 2 years with continuous intake. A student can join the course or sample at any time of the year. We ask students to do a two-week sample with us before joining the course to ensure it is suitable for them and their needs. Throughout the course, each student will take part in work experience. We try to focus on areas the student is interested in.

At the end of the two years, the student will be part of a graduation ceremony and receive their accredited Level 4 Major Award.

At present, the course is taking place online. Classes take place once or twice a day depending on the module and work is set to be submitted weekly. We are trying to make this time as stress free as possible so any extra supports needed, we will be more than welcome to help!

I have attached some information about the course. For anyone interested, the class tutors and I are available for calls, emails and Zoom/Microsoft Teams meetings.

If you have any queries or would like to get in touch, please do not hesitate to contact me through email at:
or in the centre at: 056 779 7500 or mobile 087 2492270.

David Kelly
National Learning Network Kilkenny,
Regent House, William St, Kilkenny
(087) 249 2270 | (056) 779 7500 | Website | Facebook