Posted: Saturday, July 3rd, 2021

In recent weeks there has been great concern in the local area about Kilkenny County Council’s ‘Inistioge Traffic Management & Village Enhancement Scheme’ which is planned to be implemented in the village. A consultation was held during the summer of 2020 and many people made submissions.

As lockdown restrictions have eased and people have had the opportunity to discuss the plan with many residents and found that the majority of those I spoke to were, like myself, opposed to it while others were not aware of it at all. In this context, it was decided to conduct a survey of residents to get a more structured picture of their views. The survey was posted on the Inistioge Facebook page under the heading ‘This survey aims to get your views on a major issue facing Inistioge. It’s very short and totally confidential.’ A total of 115 responses were obtained (a very high proportion of the adult population of the village).

The findings are as follows –

Familiarity / Awareness

Chart 1 – 76% of respondents were aware of the plan but 24% were not. This suggests that the consultation phase has not been successful in getting the word out to people about major changes that are going to be made to their village.

Support / Opposition

Chart 2 – Of those who were aware of the plan, 71% were opposed to it, 21% in favour while 8% claimed not to know. The latter figure suggests that even those who claim to be familiar with the plan are not fully aware of its contents.

Protest Group

Chart 3 – Of those opposed to the plan 68% were willing to join a protest group to oppose its implementation.

Since the outcome of the survey showed that the majority of people in the area are opposed to the plan and with many willing to protest against it, a group of opponents are now in the process of formalising a campaign against its implementation.

More information will follow on various local information sources in the coming days and weeks.

Click here to download the research findings

Join Us!

If you would like to be part of the protest group or to be informed about developments please get in touch by email to or call/text to 086 384 0062.