Inistioge is very popular with cyclists particularly at weekends. Family groups will be taking it easy and enjoying the scenery while many come to the area to take of the challenge of the hill up to Woodstock. This hill is one of the reasons that Inistioge has been included on the route of major cycle races over the years. When Lance Armstrong successfully cycled up High St, Inistioge in the Tour of Ireland in 2009 most people didn’t know he was taking performance-enhancing drugs! Can you make it to the top without resorting to EPO?

A more leisurely route you might want to try.

East Kilkenny Cycle Route

Described as ‘a scenic cycling route linking the most historic and culturally significant towns in east Kilkenny. The towns are perfectly placed along the route to stop for lunch or a cup of coffee. The route uses quiet roads and laneways and provides stunning views of Brandon Hill, the River Barrow and the River Nore.’

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