Tidy Towns meets wtih Local Authorities


A deputation from Inistioge Tidy Towns led by Chairman, David Woods, met with Tony Lauhoff of Thomastown office, Kilkenny Local Authorities, and Jane Galway, member of Kilkenny County Council to highlight some issues of concern.  Among these were the state of road surfaces in various places and also on the footpath next to the village square. 

A key concern is the Local Authority Yard on the Poyntz Road where plastic bags and used tyres are visible from the road which is the main walking route used by visitors to the village.  There are weeds growing in the yard and it is in a generally poor state of maintenance.  Mr Lauhoff made a commitment to have the yard tidied up. 

The issue of painting the lamp standards was raised as they are in a poor state of maintenance.  The advice from the local authorities is that these can be painted by someone with the correct training and equipment and provided that health and safety regulations are adhered to.  The possibility of replacing the modern aluminium poles with traditional ones was discussed and solutions suggested.

With regard to the bridge, Mr Lauhoff informed the group that it was part of a county-wide review  of bridges that is ongoing.  The group highlighted some loose stones on the bridge and the fact that it was suffering damage from traffic on a regular basis.  Damage to the wall bordering the green area at the river was also pointed and help sought for its repair. 

Overall, the group were pleased with the engagement shown by the Local Authority and trust this will lead to improvements that will help Inistioge improve its results in the Tidy Towns in future years. 




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