The Inistioge Shop - a poem


       "THE INISTIOGE SHOP"           


What is our village without its grand Shop?

There's no place now for tourists to stop.

They just drive on through, to the next port of call,

Where there's goodies ‘’go leor’’, for one and all.


But what about us, here in the locality,

No where to get our bread, milk and tea,

To chat with the neighbours, while we pick and choose

And collect all the papers to keep up with the news.


Oh what can we do when our cupboards are bare,

In times long ago, all the neighbours would share,

But "alas and alack" we're all in the same boat,

Now PLEASE open the "SHOP’’ to keep us afloat.


Hikers and bikers come here by the score,

Our beautiful valleys and hills to explore,

Or just sit for a while on our Village Square,

For some music and chat and stories to share.


Now let's get together this problem to solve,

And the good times again in our Village evolve.

Then we'll welcome all comers' as always before,

To this Special Village, on the banks of the Nore.


                                              Maura O’Neill      

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