Art Gallery to open on the Square


Mermaid Sign

Art Gallery to open on the Square this weekend. 

The  Mermaid Gallery will show oils, watercolours, drawings, bronzes and some ceramics, many by local artists such as Mildred A. Butler, Baroness Pauline Prochaska, Shadow Cuffe, Kathleen Marescaux and many others.  National artists will include William Orpen, Maimie Jellett, Raymond McGrath (God's architect) and James Arthur O'Connor to name but a few. Modern day Kilkenny resident artists include the recently deceased Moya Bligh, Blaise Smith, Canon John Flinn and many many more. The emphasis of the opening exhibition is early 20th century Irish art with some earlier works, such as a  very beautiful 'Stella di Roma' by Richard Rothwell, who had Kilkenny connections.'

The Mermaid Gallery's name commemorates a Mermaid which was reputedly fished from the river Nore in 1118 AD. An effigy of  the mythical creature was carved  five hundred years later and included on the Cloister for the Canons Regular of the Order of St Augustinian which they rebuilt with added decoration in the 1520s. It was the second last cloister to be built in Ireland prior to the Reformation. Centuries later the carving was found and incorporated into the wall surrounding the 'new parish church of St Columba' which was built in 1836 where it may still be seen. 

An example of one of the works for sale is Liam Treacy's "Inistioge" below.

Liam Treacy Inistioge

Update 21st October 2015

The Mermaid Gallery is open at weekends only for the Winter months.  Contact John Kirwan on 085 748 4291 for details.

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