Agrifood Solutions - Stuart Meikle


Many of you may already know Stuart Meikle and some of you may know he is a consultant in the agrifood sector. For those of you who do not, this is to introduce you to his web-site where you can find about his work, his CV and his extensive experience in this sector.  

Agrifood Solutions is the internet presence of Stuart Meikle, an individual with a unique, varied and extensive experience of the agricultural, food and rural development sectors. Click here to go directly to the site.  

Stuart Meikle's career has so far taken him from farming to academia to advisor and then back to farming and agribusiness management. He has worked in several countries and taught students from many. He is a frequent writer on farming, food and rural issues.

Now settled in Ireland, Stuart Meikle's professional interests have now evolved more towards the production and marketing of higher-quality, often artisan, more naturally produced 'fine-foods' products and their associated farming systems and supply-chains. He does however still keep a watchful eye on the broader, strategic food and farming issues. 

The Agrifood Solutions website itself is a relatively static platform. It is and will be used to inform readers about the advisory work of Stuart Meikle and his thoughts about what may be considered non-mainstream, alternative solutions for the farming and food industries.

For regularly updated information please follow Stuart Meikle’s Agrifood Solutions blog. 

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