Inistioge website traffic up in 2013


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An analysis of traffic to the Inistioge web-site in 2013 shows that the number of page views was 62,706 and that a total of 15,535 separate people visited the site.  

The site has been operated by Inistioge Community Council Ltd since 2009.  It provides information to two broad audiences -

- Local Information - the site includes information on local services primarily aimed at people living in the area.  This is particularly useful for the many new people who come to live in the area on a regular basis.  The site includes a comprehensive Business Directory.

- Visitor Information - the other audience that is targeted by the site is people who are visiting Inistioge.  It supplies information on available accommodation, restaurants and things to do in the area.  

To download more detailed analysis of traffic to the web-site click here 

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