Reduce Food Waste - July/Aug Top Tips


More on better buying

★ Check the use-by date to avoid buying food that might go off if not eaten immediately. (I speak from bitter recent experience!).  Poke around at the back of shelves - you’ll often find ‘use-by dates’ that are further away. Shops will always put the newer stock at the back of the shelf.

★ Beware of special deals such as ‘buy one get one free’ - these are great for toilet rolls and shampoo but can be bad for fruit, veg and salads - things that go off. Often these are the things we buy because of a good deal but we end up throwing them out.

★ Try and buy loose fruit and veg - you get what you need (never more sensible than in our lovely summer when food spoils so quickly)and you can cut down on packaging wastes in your bin as well.

★ Buy locally and in season. This food will taste better and you will help protect local industry. 

★ Shop for what you actually eat, not for what you want/wish you would eat, e.g. “I’m going to be healthy this week and eat yoghurts!”...and then never eat them.

Home is where the food is and there are many things each of us can do to reduce the amount of food we waste - and save money at the same time! Food Waste prevention starts when you are buying your groceries and then continues in the home where you store, cook and serve food. Here are some tips for each step in this process.


★ Use correct portion sizes - these are usually included on the packet instructions for pasta etc, the tricky part is following them!

★ Try using the same measuring method each time - you'll learn what suits you and those you live with.

★ Use leftovers to make delicious and cheap meals – more on this anon.  In the meantime for some luscious leftover recipe ideas see

★ If you do cook extra, don’t throw it out, have it for lunch or the next evening’s meal. Otherwise you can freeze it for another day

★ Soups are easy to make from leftovers - a tasty lunch for tomorrow

★ Make stock with leftovers and freeze it as ice cubes - these can be stored and used in the future. This also works great for red wine...if there is any left in the bottle!

PS - a happy few days in Paris recently has me thinking on how well the French eat – but also how economical and sensible they are about food.  They respect it too much to waste it. Some top tips from the city of light coming in September!

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