Reduce food waste - May's Top Tips


Stop Food Waste

Did you know an average household in Ireland loses between €700 and €1,000 per year on wasted food?

So to help us all save some money, (as well as helping the environment by reducing the need for disposing of thrown-out food), each month, Inistioge Tidy Towns, (in association with will post some tips on how to reduce food waste.

So here goes – May’s Top Tips.


★ Before you go shopping, have a look in your fridge, freezer and cupboard. If you are shopping for the week, try and plan your meals around what you find.

★ Then make a list of what you need.........and then try to stick to it! Not only will a list cut down your food waste it will also make shopping an easier experience.


★ Don’t go shopping when you are hungry - you’ll buy more than you need!


Use By:

A key date for food safety - food should be eaten by this date. ‘Use by’ appears on fresh food that goes off such as fish, salads and soft cheese. Food should not be used past this date unless it is frozen.

Best Before:

Appears on a wide range of longer lasting foods such as tinned, dried and frozen foods. Food is in its best condition up to this date - it should be safe to eat after this date, but then it may begin to lose its flavour and texture.

Sell By & Display Until:

Used by shops for internal stock control. Of no interest to the householder.

Let us know if these were helpful or better still let us know your own top tip.

Bon appetit!

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