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Things to Know about Inistioge

View towards Mt Brandon

As well as being a beautiful location Inistioge is an interesting place to get to know.  It has a long history.  It has associations with some fascinating people.  A couple of major films have been made in the village.  Here are some things you might not have known about Inistioge.


Eddie Keher was born, and still lives, in Inistioge.  Click here for a comprehensive profile of one of the greatest hurlers of all time on the Rower Inistioge GAA web-site.

Inistioge has strong links with two winners of the Victoria Cross.  Click here for more information on these men.


Inistioge was chosen as the setting for two major films, Widows' Peak (1994) and Circle of Friends (1995).  Both had all-star casts and brought great excitement to the area.  More recently, Romantic Road, a German production based on a script by Cecelia Ahern was shot here in 2013.


Woodstock House was burned by the IRA in 1922 after it had been occupied by the Black and Tans.  Ernie O'Malley, a leading member of the Volunteers and author of On Another Man's Wound, was captured in Inistioge prior to this after leading an attack on the house. 





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